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Hello I'm Dan aka Mag.Wars1689

Hello Everyone - Name's Dan

I've played MMORPG's since the age of 12... so for 18 -soon to be- 19 years. Yes that makes me 30 almost 31 (end of April - I'm a Taurus Aries.) ;-p
FFXI - 11 years actual gameplay
WoW - 1.5 years actual gameplay
Perfect World International - 3 years actual gameplay (still have access to end game Seeker, rebirth ready. But haven't played in 4'ish years.)
Guild Wars 2 - 8 years (since release) - (Recently returning from a 2 year break) = 6 years of actual gameplay

I have gone through a lot the last couple years, I have PTSD and Anxiety in social situations now. Probably why I've been a member of TIME since I returned to the game (about 6 months now) and I'm just now working up the nerve to introduce myself in forums and I plan on trying to checkout discord after I post this post. (holds breath)

Yes I'm gay, if that's a problem you simply don't have to talk to me. If you do just know I'm a very friendly guy, shy until I know / trust people, with a huge heart and love for everyone of every color, every age, every religion, every culture, and all walks of life. I believe we are all reflections / incarnations of each other, we are all one, we are all connected and related. I think together we are one human family and I live accordingly. I believe every time you help someone or show generosity, you help yourself; and every time you victimize someone, you're victimizing yourself. I think we all need to let go of our hurt and our pain and keep our hearts open and shower everyone you meet with love. I truly believe if you live that way then God/the Universe/karma/whatever you wanna call it will reward us all. This concludes my introduction. See you in game!  Heart

Oh here's some pics. If you wanna see more my instagram is 

[Image: 12670039_1104623126300605_64816638434831...e=5EC2F07A]

[Image: 53088203_2584264631669773_13228603209888...e=5EFF7748]

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